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Micro Preschools and Daycares


Quality, affordable early years education. Everywhere

Kïdo Village is a platform that allows any person to set up a preschool or daycare centre in their homes (we call them Kïdo Village Pods), and any parent to find quality, affordable early years care and education around the corner from where they live. we provide the training, certification, curriculum, quality control and ongoing support to the Pod owners. The Kïdo Early Years program has been specially modified to be delivered in a home setting, so parents get a world class education for their children, in their neighbourhoods.

Kïdo Village is available only in India.


How it Works


It's simple. If you want to set up a Kïdo Village Pod in your home, just sign up one the website and we'll be in touch with the next steps. If you're a parent, you can search and select a Pod near you, schedule tours and find one that suits you! Watch the video for an overview of how Kïdo Village works!